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1. Tom gave me one Annie Oakley to the concert.

2. They recall that Annie Oakley is a doctor.
他们还记得,Annie Oakley一个医生。

3. Oakley的解释

3. The circus performer got an Annie Oakley and could have free meals for three days.

4. Oakley什么意思

4. They continued to give performances. But Annie Oakley was sick.

5. Today we report about Annie Oakley, a woman who became famous for her ability to shoot a gun and hit very small objects.

6. Who could forget Joan of Arc or Annie Oakley.

7. At that time, my side has Charles - Oakley, he has given me many help.

8. Oakley是什么意思

8. This is an Extremely RARE Oakley Item.

9. To combat this, Oakley offers software that allows companies to monitor employees` computer use in real time.

10. The Oakley A Frame is part of their first generation of polarized goggles.

11. Oakley

11. These unique attributes never take away from the Oakley A Frame's optical clarity and wide peripheral view.

12. Gabbard, the Wal-Mart employee fired for recording reporters` phone calls, said in his interview with The Wall Street Journal that Wal-Mart uses software from Raytheon Oakley Networks to monitor activity on its network.
gabbard ,沃尔玛的员工被炒鱿鱼记录了记者的电话,说他在接受采访时,与华尔街日报认为,沃尔玛利用软件从雷神厂商Oakley网络监察活动,其网络。

13. Pivot the nose piece to unlock the lower jaw and open it for easy lens changing. There`s minimal handling involved, so dirty fingers don`t get all over the lens.

14. ROBERT OAKLEY: There is a look into at the yard of champion trainer Sir Michael Stoute.

15. For clarity during bad weather conditions the Oakley A Frame has a flexible urethane chassis, that is cut with ram air surge ports, which give you defogging ventilation from circular air flow.

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16. Many of the famous fashion and eyewear brands have these kinds of eyewear such as Ray Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Diesel, Fossil, Serengeti, Bolle and a lot more.

17. I'll Follow You fully captures the indelible sound that has inspired many to call Oakley Hall one of NY's best live bands.

18. Oakley locates housework in the wider context of economic, social and political structures.

19. They want not only nice properties but a feel-good factor, says Angela Ramsey, who manages the Oakley estate agency, another independent business in town.

20. Mr Oakley always has been ready to oblige journalists with information.

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