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1. The name brand enanthate tends to be very expensive and is only available in either 5 mL or 15 mL vials by manufacturers Watson as Enanthate and BTG Labs as Delatestryl?

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2. The existing biomass technologies mainly focused on producing bio-fuel ethanol by fermenting starch-based biomass, and the large-scale exploration of biomass pyrolysis is still at an experimental stage.
国内外相继在批式实验的基础上开发出大型的快速裂解反应设备。1995年沈阳农业大学在UNDP资助下,从荷兰的BTG引进一套旋转锥闪速热裂解装置并进行了相关的试验研究,其加工能力为50 kg/h,据信该装置是中国乃至亚洲最大的闪速热裂中试设备[3]。


3. The resulte showed that the plasmal level of BTG in cases of CHD were much more significantly elevated than that in the control group, but no marked difference was observed in PF 4 in the control group.

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4. We are in advance stage of discussions with Chinese BTG manufacturers for these power plants.


5. BTG reports that a quarter of the bosses that it has put in temporary jobs have been offered permanent positions.

6. Ensure ARAMARK BTG Food Safety and HACCP plans are followed and documented.

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7. In 2005 I was asked to manage a JV company for Kempinski Hotels and BTG, which was struggling in bringing new hotels on the market.

8. BTG Business Travel has been aimed at providing long-term corporate business travel need.

9. This course, developed by BTG Composites for SAMPE, represents updated technologies associated with critical design and analysis aspects associated with advanced composites materials and structures.

10. An industrial control system based on model reference adaptive predictive control method is designed for and applied to the reheat temperature process of a 200MW BTG...
针对火 电厂再热汽温这一典型的大时滞连续系统,设计了模型参考自适应预估控制系统,并使其在200MW机组的再热汽温控制中得到了成功应用。

11. The retrofitting result not only cancels a great deal of discrete instruments on BTG board, alleviates labor intensity of thermal engineering process control, but also provides convenience for operators in the inspection and operation.

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12. With the joint work of air transportation arrangement, hotel reservation and the world wide network of travel agencies, BTG Business Travel can provide its clients with professional service to meet the need of any kind of specific requirements.


13. It has also provided chief financial officers at the drop of a hat for such tech firms as Internet REIT and Axcient.
在得知诸如Internet REIT 和 Axcient这种高科技公司需要CFO时,BTG也向它们提供。

14. An overall digestion study was conducted on the rotating cone reactor biomass flash pyrolysis pilot plant that introduced from BTG, the Netherlands.

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15. The Application of BTG Mode in General Contract of Foreign Power Station Projects

16. BTG pactual, the Brazilian investment bank, last year opened an office in Hong Kong in anticipation of a rise in deals.

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17. The following year, as UBS cast around for ways to shore up its crumbling financial position and divest any unnecessary divisions, he put together a partnership that bought back pactual, and merged the two to form BTG pactual.

18. BTG manufactures and sells various niche market products, such as electric flame effect heaters, specialty air conditioners, and unique home appliances.

19. Their reasons vary, but Jia Dongmei, HR supervisor at BTG Hotels Group believes that the main reason for quitting jobs early is a lack of career planning.

20. Design and operation features of BTG bypass system

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