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1. In particular, he showed that the subclass of regular languages - strictly locally testable languages, is equivalent to a certain type of splicing languages, called persistent splicing languages, which bridge the gap between mathematical analysis in molecular biology and formal language theory in computer scie

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2. We recall the gusto with which teachers chased us for given work not handed in, the tutorials teachers provided after school hours or even during holidays, the endless patience UCAS coordinators showed in helping us with Personal Statements and mock interviews, the meticulous care dorm teachers displayed with our sloppy living habits.

3. This thesis is based on the analysis to the circumstances of scie...


4. All parents meetings at SCIE adopt the same format and procedure.

5. Tenth Five-Year period, our school won the second prize of National Natural Science 5, the state scientific and technological progress second prize eight (the first or the completion of the first completed units), a national technical发明二等奖also be authorized 436 patent, the international papers published 6656, one of the top in international academic journals Science, Nature, Cell and other journals published nine papers.

6. On November 10th, the Vice Principal of Pomona College, Bruce Poch, visited SCIE and gave an introduction in the school's auditorium from 9:30 am.
11月10日,波莫纳学院副校长Bruce Poch来访SCIE,从上午9点半开始在大礼堂进行介绍。

7. The Layout and Uses of Science Citation Index Expanded

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8. Because of the close relationship of the credibility of scie-tech evidence to the laws of the development of science and technology, certain priciples must be followed in adopting the competent sci-tech evidence in accordance with the relevant rules.

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9. These achievements no doubt will enhance the progress of all branches of solid state sciences, such as solid state physics, solid state chemistry, solid state electronics, material scie - nces, geology and mineralogy, crystallography, etc.

10. Last December, SCIE's college fair made its debut with great success.

11. However, due to my passion in mathematics and the approach of finance, I set up my target and I am clear what I want to do in the future after being a SCIE student.

12. In representing all SCIE graduates of2009, we are proud to stand here tonight and make a speech.


13. In the first three weeks of April, four separate parents'meetings took place, each for a different year level, after their respective exam results were published, as in keeping with SCIE tradition.

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14. This paper uses bibliometrics to research (2856324) references of nearly (20000) documents in 106 mechanics journals from SCIE, and explores mechanics literature obsolescence trend over the past 50 years.

15. SCIE has changed out of recognition in size, income and in the excellence of its teaching and the quality of its students.

16. From the remote and desolate Kui Chong, to the relatively remote and desolate OEC, to the tiny and cramped Oxstand, to today's independent, unaffiliated SCIE in Futian.

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17. Natu ral resources science, environment scie-nce and ecology are the disciplines at same level.

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18. Statistics and Analysis of Scientific Papers Published by ECNU in SCIE

19. Of Automation Department, N anjing University of Scie nce and Technology; Research on
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20. The practice indicates that it is an effective channel of vitalizing rural economic by using scie tech and education to give full play to colleges'leading role so as to form into a popularizing network of agricultual scie tech which takes rural educational system as backbone.

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