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1. 主要是想学整数的说法,以前学过的,记得吗?
I wonder if it has any significance.

2. 提出了用求解一般线性整数规化问题的离散型神经网络优化算法求解作业调度问题的方法,从理论上证明了该方法的收敛性、有效性,并给出了与其它方法比较的结果。
A method is proposed to optimize the total flowtime of JSSP by the proposed discrete HNN algorithm. In order to ensure the feasibility of the solution obtained, some rules are adopted. This method is proved to be convergent and feasible.

3. 此方法介导的一个整数划分功能。
This method mediates a feature of the division of integer numbers.

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4. 下标 指标必须或者是真实的积极的整数或逻辑。
Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

5. 提出了一种编码方案,方案的核心是区间预留,将计算机可以表达的整数分成区间,然后将节点映射到区间上。
A new numbering scheme is put forward in this paper. The core of the schemes is Reserved Space, the biggest integral interval computer supports is s...

6. 其中包括寄存器栈、寄存器旋转机制的研究和指令分派机制、指令旋转的实现,以及寄存器重命名和整数部件的设计策略及实现方案。
In this design, register stack mechanism and register rotation mechanism in design is studied and instruction dispatch and instruction rotation function are achieved. At the same time, the strategy of register rename and designing integer units are put forward and some special integer instructions are disposed and optimized specially.

7. 本论文在以下的四个方面展开了深入的研究,概括如下:为了综合利用异构无线网络中的集群增益和多接入分集增益,本文研究了异构无线网络中的集中式接入选择问题,并将该问题建模成一个以最小化网络总带宽占用为目标的整数线性规划问题,提出了两种低复杂度的次优求解算法。
The contents of this work are listed as follows:In order to make full use of the trunking gain and the multi-radio access diversity gain in the HWN, the problem of centralized access selection is studied, which is modelled as an integer linear programming problem optimized to minimize the overall bandwidth occupation in the HWN.

8. 请注意,一个端口是一个无符号整数,唯一标识的过程中在网络上运行。
Note that a port is an unsigned integer that uniquely identifies a process running over a network.

9. 一个32 bit 的整数或者一个段的地址以及它相关的偏移。
A 32-bit unsigned integer or the address of a segment and its associated offset.

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10. 最轻松的方法是在每个信息包的的前面加上一个反应包大小的数据,例如,你能在每个包的前面加上一个2字节长的无符号整数16位
For example, you could prefix every packet with a 2-byte unsigned integer that tells how long the packet is.

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11. 无符号整数类型,用于存储 NULL 结尾的 charT 类型的字符串长度。
An unsigned integer type, capable of holding the length of a null-terminated string of charT's.

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12. 根据上述原则分别详细地给出了不同观测值的重整方案,最后组建了非秩亏的并保留模糊度整数特征的 GPS 定位单差和非差函数模型。
Based on these criterions, reparameterization of SD and ZD functional models of single epoch is built in detail with their stochastic models in the thesis.

13. 针对单差和非差模型的秩亏以及非差和单差模糊度的非整数特征,提出参数的重整原则,其具体的参数重整原则为:(1)、参数重整只对参数空间进行调整,观测值空间保持不变,观测方程左右的等量关系维持不变。
However, rank defects exist in the SD and ZD models, and the SD and ZD ambiguities are real numbers. The reparameterization method is provided to resolve these problems by estimating some combinations of unknown rather than the unknown themselves. The reparameterization criterions include that 1 Reparameterization does not change anything in the observation space, it only affects the parameter space.

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14. 以典型二元精馏塔设计为例阐述了其过程系统的数学描述,给出其最优工艺设计和控制设计的求解框架和求解策略,以及其中混合整数动态优化问题的求解方法。
Its process mathematical description is illustrated through a typical binary distillation column design. Then the framework and strategy of solving the optimal design and control, which involve the solution of mixed integer dynamic optimization, are presented.

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15. 用整数Haar小波变换和分块DPCM实现静止图像数据的信息熵保持型压缩编码
The information entropy preserved coder of still image by integer Haar wavelet transforms and subblock DPCM.

16. 本文就研究了整数线性规划的基本解法及其应用问题。
This article has studiedthe integer linear programming basic solution and its the applicationquestion.

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17. 实例试算表明这两种方法有着不同的执行过程,但有着相同的模糊度整数解和相当的搜索效率。
It is shown by an example that though these two approaches have different performance process, but they have the same integer ambiguity solution and the equivalent search efficiency.

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18. 以会员的最大满意度为目标函数,建立一个整数规划模型,得到问题的分配方案,并计算出前30位会员的分配结果。
The optimal solution of this integer programming model is derived by Lingo 5.0. And the distribution scheme of the first 30 clients is given.

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19. 非常有趣的是模糊度整数解的条件期望就是这个模糊度向量的可容许整数估值。
It is very interesting that the conditional expectation of the integer ambiguity solution is just equal to the admissible integer estimator of this ambiguity vector.

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20. 另一方面,在表示suit+1过程中,C++自动把被列举的类型转化成整数。
On the other hand, in the expression suit+1, C++ automatically converts the enumerated type to integer.

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