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1. Arsenal of up to 9 super soaking water balloon types and special items- Jumbo, Sniper, TNT, Cluster and Timer balloons, and more!
武器攻击9种超级水炸弹,并有特殊物品,如珍宝,狙击,TNT炸药,集群和气球定时器等 3。

2. This should help to bring down their funding costs and ease mortgage rates on the loans they guarantee – the only functioning part of the US home loan industry following the freezing up of the subprime and jumbo (large denomination loan) markets.

3. Eric: Not a lot, I just used up five jumbo black markers.

4. In2005, a similar invasion off San Diego delighted fisherman and, in2002, thousands of jumbo flying squid washed up on the beaches here.

5. Dressed up as Father Christmas and accompanied by a'guard of honour'of six pretty girls, he set off down the main street of the city riding a baby elephant called Jumbo.

6. This expedition has brought us the " Jumbo Dumbo ", the largest so far found up to2 meters long, and one of the biggest deep sea creatures.

7. A policeman approached Jimmy and told him he ought to have gone along a side street as Jumbo was holding up the traffic.

8. Generally speaking, we know that all homebuyers fall into one of five categories: first-time borrowers, move-up borrowers who can afford to move into a slightly larger or better home, transferees moving from another area, executive borrowers who are ready to make the kind of purchase that requires a jumbo loan and empty nesters who are often looking to downsize their living space.
一般来说,我们知道所有的 homebuyers 落下进入五个种类之一之内:第一次的借用人,移动-向上能负担搬进的借用人一些微更大或更好在家,受让人从另外的一个区域移动,运行的借用人谁准备好制造 pu 的类型

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