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1. focus...on什么意思

1. After treatment must first focus on sun, a large number of UV-exposure recovery period allows you to produce pigmentation of the skin, so that pock color and heavier, stay longer, it would be inappropriate for prolonged outdoor activities.

2. This is the focus on the chapters of this article, but also is the innovation of the article.

3. I focus on companies cloth and special equipment is the research and development work.

4. It's believed that the future development of oxyfluoride glass ceramics will focus on the realization of unitization of materials, and the realization of high efficient short wavelength laser output, particularly in blue-green laser output.

5. Where others see glitches in their marketing plans or threats to their product lines, companies that focus on product leadership see opportunity and rush to capitalize on it.

6. focus...on什么意思

6. With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more companies focus on their brand development and publicity.

7. According to the company's assessment, the findings'mass production and entrance to the market may happen after two years, and its output value in Taiwan alone can go beyond two billion NT dollars. The company will nonetheless focus on the markets in Japan, China and South-East Asia.

8. focus...on

8. Rabies eliminatio n efforts that focus on mass vaccinatio ns of dogs are financiall y justified by the future savings of discontinu ing post-exposure preventive treatment for people.

9. As we need to focus on completing the refund process, not dealing with negative posts...

10. focus...on

10. A High Performance add-on option is available with a focus on either engines or fabrication.

11. The article is focus on the Internal Accounting Control system in enterprise.

12. We must learn to focus on key stakeholder objectives.

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13. Long Wei companies focus on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and rich experience in the design and manufacture.

14. And I continued to focus on the Chinese, kept learning m and arin, and made some good Chinese Singaporean friends

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15. It is believed that the quantitative tests that focus solely on past years could generally be eliminated and be replaced or be supplemented by a new alternative test.

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16. Are all active, with the focus very much on town center development, mostly because of tough planning laws which make it more difficult to build out-of-town.

17. In addition, we rejected the Unix focus on small memory size, by deciding not to support 16-bit machines (it was clear that 32-bit machines would be the norm by the time the GNU system was finished), and to make no effort to reduce memory usage unless it exceeded a megabyte.

18. focus...on的解释

18. Focus on the market at home and abroad possession a certain share of domestic and foreign products by its customers.

19. It is hard to focus the mind on long division when your stomach is screaming for food.

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20. Firstly, we will summerize all the work listed as below: 1. I have studied about the basic procedure, implementation method, main applycation of system simulation technology, discrete event simulation, and network simulation. And I focus on the basic method and exsting problems of network simulation and exsting network simulation software.

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