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1. My mobile# is 13817704370 or Malaysia # 0123815186 please SMS me then!

2. Besides the free possibility to make callto other users Of skype, the program proposes also the supplemental toll services: shipment SMS to the cell phones, call to home and cell phones, personal number, to which they can callfrom homeand cell phones, service vocal mail, which helps to identify the call, when you cannot answer tothem, etc.

3. The results showed that the germination indexes of alfalfa seed cultured in 60 hours were higher than 80%, so it could be beneficial to alfalfa seed development but no phytotoxicity. Finally, Pot culture discovered that there was no significant difference between SMS biofertilizer and chemical fertilizer.

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4. The paper introduces a design framework and corresponsive technologies.

5. It is a challenge to obtain consumer profile and preference in advertising campaigns, and using database, email and SMS to communicate with targeted consumers precisely.

6. If we can't answer your call, kindly leave a voicemail or sms and we will get back to you ASAP.

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7. I'll give you SMS.

8. SMS

8. SMS is 30% of the votes.
SMS是30 %的选票。

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9. This is the third time, I will back SMS, to understand clearly how it was.

10. I also want to see people in the New Year SMS happier for him!

11. One was because of a T-Mobile's Web site, and the other guy was able to compromise it by getting her phone number by going on T-Mobile's Web site, doing a password reset, which SMS-ed her new password because, presumably, only the owner would have the handset.

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12. SMS me back do not you love back, wonder if she and anoth...

13. To provide SMS statistical functions to facilitate the enterprise management and control of SMS expenses

14. Users were more likely to use SMS messaging both weekly and daily than they were to make calls.

15. A new value is defined for the Msg Encoding field in the User Data subparameter of the CDMA SMS message to indicate that the content of this message is an encapsulated GSM SMS message.
为CDMA SMS消息的用户数据子参数内的Msg Encoding字段定义了一个新的值,以表明该消息的内容是封装的GSM SMS消息。

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16. The Message Type field in the User Data subparameter may be used to carry data coding scheme information for the encapsulated GSM SMS message.
用户数据子参数内的Message Type字段可用来为封装的GSM SMS消息传送数据编码方案信息。

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17. Klik news it to send SMS to names Ploy.

18. Before your SIM car runs out of money, you will receive a SMS message to your highest priority cell

19. QQ is not just the Internet virtual pagers, SMS and other Internet communications network, such as wireless paging network, GSM wireless mobile phone short message, fax or telephone network.
腾讯QQ不仅仅是 Internet 网络的虚拟寻呼机,将和其他短讯通信网络互联,如无线寻呼网、GSM 无线移动电话短消息、传真甚至电话网。

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20. Have you ever been bothered by call or sms when you are in a meeting?

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