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1. This paper will be discussed in detail based on VisualFoxPro6.0 environment of DanceSport final pick individual Placing software development.

2. Methods Visual Foxpro6.0 was used to develop the management information system.

3. VisualFoxPro

3. Date share system provided by Visual FoxPro can realize database management in multi user network environment. The data access control consists of exclusive access and shareable access of tables and data lock.

4. VisualFoxPro什么意思

4. Based on introduce of definition and character of data storage, technology of implement is put forward by an easy use of file catalog structure in widely used database exploder software (Visual Foxpro).


5. This paper discusses the importance of VFP in display in multimedia teaching, as well as the command technology of foreground color, background color, style and size based on the classroom teaching of Visual FoxPro.

6. The authors raise a method to form and print dynamical statistical graph form the information in data bank by OLE procedure of VFP (Visual FoxPro 5.0). A simple example is put forward.

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7. The paper has expounded the clue, method and key code for the selected class of user-defined input method by invoking Windows API function in Visual FoxPro and the implementation of automatic switchover for input method between Chinese and English in Chinese application system by quoting the user-defined class.

8. Implementation of Automatic Switchover for Input Method Between Chinese and English in Visual FoxPro with User-defined Class

9. Tentative Ideas about the Visual Foxpro Program Access the Shared data

10. Adopt Visual FoxPro 6.0 program language, with object oriented programming, devise the sweet potato germplasm database management system, this program function is modularization, menu easy to manage and operate, man-machine interface is friendly.

11. Normally, Visual FoxPro program for error - processing is always respectively distributed in each error-processing method.

12. VisualFoxPro

12. Using Visual FoxPro programming language to development system of water price and post-evaluation of the rural drinking water safety project.

13. Visual FoxPro provides not only the data bank receiver with a data management function but supports the object-oriented programming method, generable in event-driven application program of quite a strong interactive ability.

14. Database of Pyrotechnical Emitted Spectra Based on Visual Foxpro 6.0

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15. Discussion on Teaching Methods of Recursive Programming in Visual FoxPro

16. Utilizing the Visual FoxPro 6.0 database management software, and by means of establishing an easy item, makes a report file to chromatograph graduation proof.

17. VisualFoxPro的解释

17. General Report Program Design and Implement in Visual Foxpro

18. VisualFoxPro的解释

18. Combined with the fuzzy synthetical assessment and analytical hierarchy process, a model of multilevel fuzzy synthetical safety assessment is built for enterprises and its software and database are worked out by using the visual Foxpro language and the programme design method which is oriented to the object.

19. This paper introduces to make use of the PADL () function in the method that the book manages the system in the automatic and born call number, end with the Visual FoxPro 6.0 for the tool give related procedure.

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20. Design and Realization of Assisting Instruction System for Visual Foxpro Based on ASP Development

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