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1. Lobito, Angola, 24 Nov – The reconstruction of the railroad line linking Lobito to Luau, in the South of Angola, a project financed by the People`s Republic of China, will begin in January 2006, the head of the Benguela Railroad has said.

2. In a 70-76 win over Angola, he scored 17 points and added 11 rebounds and three blocked shots.

3. The two countries are also preparing a cooperation protocol for the oil and gas sector, which is Angola`s largest source of revenue.

4. Manchester City can confirm that striker Emmanuel Adebayor is uninjured after this afternoon's attack on the Togo team bus in Angola.

5. In Angola, the Chokwe people draw lines in the sand, and it's what the German mathematician Euler called a graph; we now call it an Eulerian path -- you can never lift your stylus from the surface, and you can never go over the same line twice.

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6. Years 11 months, Hang Xiao Steel Company began with the China International Fund Limited contacts, negotiations in Angola by the concrete structure of public housing projects into a steel structure.

7. Forum and Angola to the city today and a friend shopping, of course, first go to before refueling, and oil workers to the oil gun into the mailbox, add about one second and again a sudden halt and suddenly pause, engage in the next three or four I totally do not care about this little trick...

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8. A territory of Angola forming an exclave on the Atlantic Ocean between Congo and Zaire.

9. The Ivory Coast international will miss this afternoon's clash against Korea at Loftus Road due to a niggling knee injury that has dogged him since his return from Angola.

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10. Foreign ministers from a regional bloc of 14 nations known as the Southern African Development Community met on Monday in Angola to discuss the crisis.

11. José Eduardo dos Santos, Angola`s autocratic yet popular leader for the past 30 years, has even pledged—for the first time—to reduce corruption.

12. China recently won the rights to oil-exploration blocks in Angola away from Total and Shell.

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13. Yet according to the three suspected men, identified by presented Angola`s National Police after a city-wide manhunt last Friday, the motive for the killing was a plan to steal the car.

14. Since 2002, China`s Eximbank has lent Angola $4.5 billion.

15. Alex Capstick has been following the cup from Angola.
Alex Capstick在安哥拉为您做跟踪报道。

16. A separatist group in Angola`s oil-rich enclave of Cabinda killed three people attached to the Togolese football team, who were there to play in an African tournament.

17. Within the Reagan Doctrine, the United States government provided support, both overt and covert, to anti-communist resistance movements in countries such as Angola, Nicaragua, Cambodia, and Afghanistan.

18. Police in Angola have detained two suspects in connection with Friday's deadly ambush of the Togolese national football team.

19. Airlines from Angola, Benin, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Liberia, Gabon, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Rwanda and Zambia are banned on the EU blacklist, but those countries aren't evaluated at all by the FAA.

20. In Africa and Latin America, accumulating assets in Angola, Chad and Gabon.

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