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1.All of us should be concerned with public _____(事务)to make our society a better one.
2.Nowadays people have to pass various tests for professional _____(证书) so that they can be qualified for a well-paying job.
3. He may be good at football, but he is very _____ (笨拙)on the dance floor.
4. When human friends desert us, good books are always ready to give us friendship, sympathy and e_____.
5. The foundation would like to launch programs for providing _____ (援助) for poor areas and for disease control and prevention in Africa.
6. I hope we will have the strength to bear the difficulties and disappointments and bear them with _____ (尊严) and without self-pity.
7.He is a well-edacuted man and behaves _____ (高雅).
8. Do you believe that the photo - electric reader be capable of s_____ characters at the rate of two thousand a second?
9.Not everyone think it is ridiculously _____ (荒谬的)to predict that the sun will not rise tomorrow.
10. It is reported that a couple who separated after 40 years of m_____ split their house in two.
11. I want an e_____ for why you have refused to eat these nice fresh cod.
12. ---I heard that your brother got d_____.Is that true?
---Not so bad,but he dose have problems with his wife.
13. F_____ Germany, Einstein went first to France, then to Belgium, and then to Britain.
14.In my opinion,this journey, like all the ones mentioned above, was _____ (纯粹)imaginary.
15. The poor old couple began to regret the _____ (购买) of such a large house at so high a price.
16.Who will in charge of the distribution of food and clothing to the flood vivtims?
17. We all think that the repairs to the school will be _____ (提供资金)by the local educational department.
18.Many people thought he should remain and _____ (讲课)in Europe to influence society.
19.My new boss used to be a travel _____ (代理人)in a famous city.
20. Life can be compared to a journey with an unknown _____ (目的地).

1.This novel,____ TV from the American original, is very popular among young students.
2.I know the warning systerm will work well because we have ____ it ____ many times.
3. Take heart and wee are sure to ____ these difficulties sooner or later .
4. I ____ to see if you were at work but no one answered my phone.
5.Just then I heard my name called. ____, I found my former English teacher similing at me.
6. You must always keep your mind fresh by ____ some time for exercise.
7.Hearing the news that he was fired , the young man ____ despair.
8. It is time that we ____ and got ready to start out.
9. The old man on duty ____ having seen the accused enter the building.
10. I dont really work here;I am just ____ until the new secretary arrives.
11. It is necessary for us to ____the likely result before we decide to do anything.
12. We had several anxious hours waiting for our wet clothes to _____.
13. She ____her head from the window and called for help.
14. The doctors advice was that the patient ____ at once.
15. I have never done this type of work before; Im not sure how I will ____.
16. It is you teachers’s duty to make the new students ____in your school.
17. Here are my reasons for believing I am ____ the position of branch manager
18. At first man ____the places where the food and water were plentiful.
19.Why did the president refuse to comment on the election results at the news conference?
20 The symptom of jetlag often persists for several days while the internal body clock slowly ____ the new time zone.
1. The truth is that she did everything she could save her sons from the big fire but in vain.
2. We have no choice but work hard to try to find a solution to make sure that we save our economy.
3. My English teacher is said to be studying abroad, but I don’t know what country he studied in.
4. The doctor noted that the oral drug would significantly reduce the amount of time patients needed being treated.
5. As we had had a long walk through one of the markets of Old Delhi, we stopped having a rest at a square.
6.I wonder whether the way you thought of making the water clean makes any sense.
7. Having stood with great difficulty from the ground, the wounded soldier rushed in the war, never being heard from again.
8. On Monday, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also said he wants the vote holding next week.
9. The introduction of modern equipment to the company led to a great many workers laid off.
10. Tim Bemers-Lee is generally considered to set up the World Wide Web, on which all theinformation is shared by all.
11.Caught cheating in the exam cost him the chance to be promoted.
12. He escaped punishing by taking advantage of his position,which caused a bad influence among the citizens.
13. We have long known that the reasons why President Bush and his team gave for going to war in Iraq were false
14. The couple saw a new movie at the theatre, after that they had dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
15. There is very strong evidencethat the degree in which you maintain your mental faculties depends on a handful of quite simple environmental factors
四、补全句子 (15题)
1. The young man _____(一心想成为) the general manager of a great enterprise.
2.The manager needs an assistant that he can count on to take care of problems _____ (在他不在场的情况下).
3. The visiting Minister _____ (对……表示满意)the talks, _____ (补充说)that he had enjoyed his stay here.
4.She discovered that there were _____ (一堆堆) empty wine bottles _____ (形状各导、大小不一)in the corner.
5. The young girl _____ (险胜)her great rival(对手) in the tennis competition.
6. Don’t be angry with them.They only said such unkind things about you _____(出于忌妒).
7. Once he was run after by a seal that was like _____ (长着锋利牙齿的巨人) and he was almost _____(当场吓死).
8. This business invitation is _____ (出租或出售)of electronic production workshops and related buildings in the IT industry park.
9. The moment the 28th Olympic Games _____ (宣布开幕), the whole world cheered.
10.It is said that dogs will _____ (陪伴你)for as long as you want when you are feeling lonely.
11. They got home after work only to find the whole house had _____(被弄得乱七八糟).
12. Mary ceremonies will be held to _____(庆祝中华人民共和国成立60周年)next year.
13. I hope we can live_____ (舒服地)and happ ss in the countryside after we retire.
14.The students who fail to _____ (符合这些要求)will not be admitted to the famous university.
15.It has not been decided _____r(谁接替史密斯先生做我们的导师)?
1. The new medicine proved beneficial to the patients skin problems.
----The new medicine proved to _____ _____ _____to the patients skin problems.
2. I have neither brothers nor sisters.That is to say, Im an only child.
--- I have neither brothers nor sisters—_____ _____ _____, Im an only child
3. Li Ming has his faults, but, on the whole, he is a good helper
--Li Ming has his faults, but, _____ _____ _____, he is a good helper.
4.The manager is busy at his desk. Youd better disturb him.
---The manager is busy at his desk. Youd better _____ _____ _____.
5. As a matter of fact, my boss is thr years younger than me.
--As a matter of fact, my boss is thr years _____ _____ me.
6. All we could see in front of us was 200 km of nothing but sand.
-- All we could see _____ _____ us was 200 km of nothing but sand.
7.Did you rewalize that Joe had this problem with his knee?
-- ____ you ___ that Joe had this problem with his knee?
8.I havent received any letter from myfather working abroad so far.
--- I havent _____ _____ myfather working abroad up to the present.
9. We have arranged for her to be treated by a famous doctor of our city.
---We have_____ _____ _____ her to be treated by a famous doctor of our city.
10.We have become accustomed to the way of living in such a crowded place.
---We have _____ _____ _____ the the way of living in so crowded a place.
11. It is difficult to imagine that he accepted the decision without any hesitation.
---It is hard to imagine _____ _____ the decision without any hesitation.
12.The famous scientist will arrive soon and a party will be held in honour of him.
---The famous scientist , _____ _____ _____ a party will be held, is to arrive soon.
13. It is reported that the floods have left about two thousand people homeless.
---The floods _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ about two thousand people homeless.
14. It may rain tomorrow.In that case,well have to put off the sports meet till next Saturday.
--- It may rain tomorrow, _____ _____ _____,well have to put off the sports meet till next Saturday.
15. Weve replaced the old adding machine with a computer.
--- Weve _____ the old adding machine _____ a computer.
1.我以为他在取笑我,就越发跑得快起来,到达学校时我都上气不接下气了。(make fun of; out of breath)
2. 我们许多人很少或没有与残疾人工作或交往的经验,因此可能意识不到他们的需求。(disability; aware)
3.就我而言,这两个设计中的后者比前者实际的多。(as far as one is concerned;latter)
6.十位专家组成的访问团预定星期四到达,这期间我们该做些什么呢? (due to;in the meantime)
7. 我发邮件祝贺他考入清华大学,攻读经济专业。(congratulate;majorg in)
8. 有时我们会发现面对面的交流可能是人很尴尬。(embarrass)
10. 我们班所有的学生都渴望参加下月举行的演讲比赛。(be dying to; participate in)
11.人们期待这些年轻人去适应过去几代人从未处理过的社会环境的变化。(adapt to)
12.每年我们都向红十字会捐部分钱以帮助那些贫困中的人。(donate; in need)
13. 孩子们在房间里很安静。我纳闷他们在干什么。(up to )
14.在准备发射神舟七号的过程中, 科学家需要了解天气变化。(preparation; knowledge)
1. affairs 2. certificates 3. clumsy 4. encouragement 5. assistance 6. dignity 7. elegantly
8. scanning 9. absurd 10. marriage 11. explanation 12. divorced 13. Fleeing
14. purely 15. purchase 16. distribution 17. financed 18. lecture 19. agent 20. destination

1. adapted for 2. tested; out 3. smooth away 4. rang up 5. Turning aroud 6. setting aside 7. abandoned himself to. 8 packed up 9. witnessed to 10. helping out
11. reflect on 12. dry out 13. stuck out 14. be operated on 15. fit in 16. feel at home
17. qualified for 18. settled in 19. comment on 20. adjusts to

1. save改为 to save 2. work 改为 to work
3. be studying 改为 have studied 4. being改为to be
5. having 改为 to have 6.making 改为 to make
7. never being 改为never to be 8.holding 改为 to be held
9.workers后加being 10.to set 改为 to have set
11.Caught改为Being caught 12.punishing 改为 punished
13.why 改为 that 14.that 改为 which 15.in改为to
四、补全句子 (15题)
1. was filled with ambition to become 2. in his absence
3. expressed his satisfaction with; adding 4. piles of;of all shapes and sizes
5. won a narrow victory over 6. out of envy
7. a giant with sharp teeth;scared to death on the spot
8. for rent or sale 9. were declared open
10. keep you company 11. been turned upside down
12. celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Founding of the Peoples Republic of China
13. in comfort 14. meet these requirements
15. who will succeed Mr.Smith as our tutor
1. be of benefit 2. in other words 3. all in all 4. leave him alone
5. junior to 6. ahead of 7. Were;aware 8. heard from
9. made arrangements for 10. got used to 11. his/him accepting 12. in whose honour
13. are reported to have left 14. in which case 15. substituted;for
1.I thought he was making fun of me and ran faster than ever reaching the schoolyard quite out of breath.
2.Many of us have little or no experience of meeting, working or communicating with people with disabilities, and may not be aware of their needs. 我们许多人很少或没有与残
3.As far as I am concerned ,of the two designs,the latter is far more practical than the former.
4. The young writer had no theory of literature, only the desire to interest the public. 5.She is too young to be independent of his parents.She needs to depend on them for food and clothes
6. The visiting team made up of ten experts are due to arrive on Thursday. In the meantime, what should we do?
7. I sent an email to congratulate you on having been admitted to Beijing University and majoring in economics.
8. Sometimes we find that face to face communication will perhaps made us embarrassed.
9.Im sure the beauty of nature there will make an excellent impression upon you.
10. All the students of our class are dying to participate in the speech contest to be held next month.
11. The young men are expected to adapt to social enviromental changes that past generations have never dealt with.
12.We donate some money to the Red Cross to help those in need.
13. The children are quite in the room. I wonder what they are up to.
14. In preparation for the launching of Shengzhou 7, the scientists needed a knowledge of weather changes.
15. We did not know the construction workers were in trouble.Otherwise we would have given them a hand.

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