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1. 他说,作为一个商业服务物业项目,其价值和功能的办事处的主要应体现在物业管理水平,物业管理办公室,以加强竞争力的一个重要手段。
He said that as a business service property projects, the value of office and functions of the principal should be reflected in the level of property management, property management office is to enhance the competitiveness of an important means.

2. 如果你想做商业服务和产品方面的生意,不妨加入当地的易货组织。
If you want to trade business services and products, join a local barter exchange.

3. 在更近的一段时间里,他曾担任总部位于明尼阿波利斯市的保健品公司联合健康集团的执行副总裁、及其商业服务集团的总裁。
Most recently, he was executive vice president of a Minneapolis-based health care company, UnitedHealth Group, and president of its Commercial Services Group.

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4. 组为均质地域,以土地质量评价为基础,土地收益或市场地价资料为依据,按风景游览设施建设用地、旅游商业服务设施用地、旅游接待设施用地、住宅用地和停车场用地5类用地类型建立旅游风景区基准地价的评估方法体系,并在杭州市、天台县等旅游风景区基准地价评估中得到实证检验,研究的成果已在实践中得到应用。
With the evaluation of land quantity as a foundation, in terms of the data of land income or market ground price, we establish the system according to the five types of land as the building land of tour facilities in landscape zone, the land of business service, the land of facilities for reception, the land of residence and the parking land. We get a satisfied result after test in Hangzhou with this system.

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5. 如果它试图设计和部署下的商业服务时,是有创造更好的鼠标陷阱很大的风险。
If IT tries to design and deploy services without the business then there is a significant risk of creating the better mouse trap.

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6. 有偿为客户提供客户资源开发,市场调查,竞争品牌分析,顾问咨询,教育培训等商业服务
Stipendiary Business Service: customer resource development, investigation of market, analysis of products brand, consultant and education training etc.

7. 提供的商业服务和配套公建完全是开放式的,面向不同私秘性的街道,有的面向干道,有的面向居住区道路,是一种提供开放式的商业服务和配套空间。
Provide commercial services and public facilities built entirely open, the streets of Simi different, some for roads, and some roads to settlements is a provision of open space and supporting business services.

8. 占地面积31200平方米,现有建筑面积72538平方米,用地性质为商业服务和居住。
The area is totally 31, 200㎡, the construction area is 72538㎡ for the commerial service and residence.

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9. Medrad是2003年Malcolm Baldrige国家质量奖的获得者,这是美国公司在质量和商业服务方面所能和获得的最高荣誉。
Medrad was a 2003 recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the top honor a U. S. company can receive for quality and business excellence.

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10. 如本杰明·富兰克林1760年在对国会委员会的答复中所强调的,殖民地对英国贸易的逆差可由其与其他国家和地区的贸易顺差支付,也可由海运与其他商业服务赚得的收入支付。
As emphasized by Benjamin Franklin14 in his reply to a Parliamentary committee in 1760, colonial trade deficits to Britain could be paid by surplus earned in trades to other overseas areas as well as by earnings from shipping and other mercantile services.

11. 找到最佳的商业服务供应商,您将享受到最好的商家帐户。
Find the best merchant service provider and you'll get the best merchant account.

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12. 当您发现两个或三个商业服务供应商与服务记录证明,这是开始的时候比较,利率和费用。
After you've found two or three merchant service providers with a proven service record, it's time to start comparing rates and fees.

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13. 最重要的是,随着其他国家越来越具有国际思维,该国解除管制后的金融市场与商业服务也越做越红火了。
Most importantly, Britain's deregulated financial markets and business services are doing a roaring trade as other countries become more internationally minded.

14. 并且你会发现商业服务和请求传送服务已经为Windows Vista分开了解决方案文件。
Also, you will note that Business Services and the Order Processor Service have separate solution files for Windows Vista.

15. danci.911cha.com

15. 现在则是指以商务功能——金融、保险、贸易、科技信息、会议展览以及写字楼、酒店、公寓等商务设施为主体,辅以一定规模的商业服务设施以及配套的基础设施的从事商务活动的中心区域。
Now it refers to the central region where we engage in commercial activity, taking the commercial function such as the finance, insurance, trade, technical information, the conference displays, and commercial installation such as office building, hotel, apartment as the main body, taking com...

16. 另一个问题在于现在WiFi仍然被视为一项商业服务
The other problem with WiFi is that it's still regarded as a commercial service in its own right.

17. 根据规划,地块的用途为商业服务,该地块土地总面积为34,923.7万平方米,规划建筑面积为227,004万平方米,楼面地价10000元/平方米。2号地块市北区华阳路18号地块,占地12034.6平方米,规划建设面积为68,184,住宅部分拍卖起价2900元/平方米,商业部分起拍价3590元/平方米;3号地块李沧区沔阳路地块占地132583.3平方米,规划建筑面积为238489平方米,起拍价2070元/平方米。
Plot No.1 is designated for commercial land use, covering an area of 34, 923.7 sm with a construction area of 227, 004 sm; its floor price is RMB 10, 000 psm. Plot No.2 is located at No.18 Huayang Road of Shibei District, covering an area of 12034.6 sm with a planned construction area of 68, 184 sm. The bidding floor price of the residential and retail portions is RMB 2, 900 psm and RMB 3, 590 psm respectively. Plot No.3 is located on Mianyang Road, covering an area of 132, 583.3 sm with a planned construction area of 238, 489 sm; the floor price of the plot is RMB 2, 070 psm.

18. 911查询·英语单词

18. 根据过去的研究显示电子市集产生价值的方式有三:降低买方搜寻成本、供应链整合以及提供交易相关的商业服务
Based on literature review, EMPs create economic value in three ways: buyer search cost reduction, supply chain integration and providing business services.

19. 瑞达国贸,主营:风力发电机生产技术设备、产品配套的进出口业务;同时,经营其它行业的产品和原料辅料的进出口、商业服务技术服务等。
RITC Mainly engage in the import and export business of complementary technologies and products in the wind driven generator production, product support their import and export activities.

20. 当意识到支付环节在整个电子商务领域的重要性后,马云果断的将支付宝从淘宝中剥离出来,截止到2008年8月28日,使用支付宝的用户超过1亿,支付宝日交易总额超过4.5亿元人民币,涵盖了虚拟游戏、数码通讯、商业服务、机票等行业,成为国内电子商务的支付习惯的标准之一。
Should realize after paying link the value in domain of whole electron business affairs, ma Yun will pay treasure decisively to come off from inside cleaning out treasure come out, end on August 28, 2008, use the user that pays treasure to exceed 100 million, pay treasure day to trade amount exceeds 450 million yuan of RMBs, covered the industry such as service of news report of fictitious game, number, business, airline ticket, make one of standards that the disbursement of domestic electron business affairs is used to.

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