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1. Unless the court otherwise orders, a document shall not be admitted in evidence under this section unless 14 days'notice in writing of the intention to tender such document in evidence, together with a copy thereof and of the certificate of the Chief Secretary in respect thereof, has been served

2. When he reported to the local health department, Health Secretary reprimanded He said: How do you tender to the provincial health department to do blood of the people are considered, there AIDS, you Luanshui affected Our blood station of income.

3. In reply to your advertisement in today s … for a secretary, I tender my services.

4. Central Tender Board chaired by the Secretary for the Treasury to deal with high value tenders which exceed those values specified for the subsidiary tender boards.

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5. One particular such agent, former Permanent Secretary for Buildings and Lands Leung Chin-Man, squandered hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars in the Grand Promenade saga by using his discretionary powers to present a developer with land which was not part of the original tender.

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