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1. west...egg

1. Bridge Still under the setting sun lamp Aperture in the yellow egg with me Man Manao In fact, Aoyao stay up late or not important The key may come his way through a single-plank bridge Oh Ji Guo Mengzi County, said the bridge envy scholar Yang Vermicelli soup hidden under the hot calm to rely on I did not love the girl's escargot help Only occasionally read Jack Lights are turned off and then fall asleep silently The thick eye socket with me Note I hope that lamp is too early dawn helpless Cold wind continues to unbridled pride I can only forget to spring Hu Xinting Mengzi Yibieleikuang Oil umbrella in the rain you must not homesick Dali scholar looking into the Shing Mun When it returns home Jurenjiebang Caijiedengzhang I do not know well to examination Kao Dehao Only official day to take care of whole family Mother's home in Hunters also children at an early date Red boat up to marry the girl back to the bridge on the warm Nawan Heavy examination of spirits with me In a touch of warmth around the Pillow Behind a hundred flowers no longer enchanting Hometown of scenery only Qiao Wake up around the middle of the night is still the world's brain Can you pay to do do some part-time title in three shifts Simply dream of the time used Note Aunt corridor every day in their preaching China smart kids When the well-known scientists The development of promising Do some white-collar workers in the future Respected the authority of the Red River seventh State of the list Assistant county magistrate way into officialdom Miss eventually invited in the door Baitang Xianqijiaru bridge over the table at home fragrance Ya know, I do not go well Road House Only a good idea of aspiring to be an official day of drafting I had the burden back to the people Wangui Wushirenfei no choice but do so anyway days wearing on like years Xinhui The strong spirits with me thinking In a touch of smoke around my heart Mudi half of the play's melancholy Lost Jalan people did not worry Show In the face of the door and the neighbors started to turn east southerly Southerly turn to the north west Cuocheng tornado Next to very poor family quarrel is quasi-Fang Ge Shuai Dongxi rhythm section from time to time to rap Small noisy affair Teng Fang Na Ying Usually choose to make divorce fever vienna version of the Golden Hall Uncle downstairs to continue to slow Please do not shake the maternal grandmother Bridge Hush!
过桥 台灯下依然夕照蛋黄色的光圈在陪我慢慢熬熬夜还是熬药其实都不重要关键得走过冲过挤过独木桥哦说到过桥蒙自县羡慕杨秀才米线鸡汤冷静底下藏着滚烫依靠我没爱人帮田螺的姑娘只是偶尔翻翻心灵鸡汤然后默默关灯睡着浓浓的眼圈陪我备考台灯盼破晓无奈尚早寒意继续吹放肆骄傲我只能把春天忘掉蒙自湖心亭一别泪框雨中油伞你莫要思乡走进大理城门秀才仰望何时举人揭榜荣归故里彩结灯张我不知晓去赶考考得好不好只愿一日为官能够照顾一家老小母亲家中盼盼儿早日还撑来大红船再娶回姑娘放在桥底那碗温暖浓浓的烈酒陪我赶考淡淡的温暖在枕边绕身后百花香不再妖娆唯独故乡的风景俏半夜醒来世界还在左右大脑能不能付你钟点做做做题三班倒干脆梦里的时间也拿来备考天天楼道中阿姨们的说教中国小孩聪明当科学家出名发展很有前景将来做做白领权威受人尊敬红河州第七名入榜辅佐县令辗转进入官场终将小姐请来门中拜堂桥已过贤妻嫁入家中桌上飘香我不知晓衙府道走得好不好只愿一日为官胸中抱负得以起草我早去晚归百姓担子背无奈物是人非迂腐度日如年愤愤不平心灰浓浓的烈酒陪我思考淡淡的炊烟在心头绕吹奏的牧笛一半惆怅惹迷途的人愁未展邻居开始和面对门东风转南风南风转北风把西风搓成龙卷风隔壁家庭关系很差放歌准是吵架摔东西有节奏时不时来段rap 小吵邓丽君外遇放那英闹离婚通常会选择发烧版vienna金色大厅楼下大叔继续慢摇请别到外婆桥嘘!

2. Was established in 2001, is located in the west Zhennan Industrial Park, covers an area of 6, 800 square meters, with standard production workshop, advanced production equipment, production company; egg products, dry goods and the North-South, leisure Chaohuo Processing.

3. I got to West Egg by a side road, " he went on, " and left the car in my garage.

4. What is the difference between the people in West Egg and the people in East Egg?

5. west...egg

5. I ought to have dropped you in West Egg, Nick.

6. How much would you want to read a book titled'Trimalchio in West Egg'?

7. When I left his office the sky had turned dark and I got back to West Egg in a drizzle.

8. " You live in West egg, " she remarked contemptuously. " I know somebody there. "

9. All the lights were going on in West Egg now;

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10. " How do you get to West Egg village? " he asked helplessly.

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11. By half-past two he was in West egg, where he asked someone the way to gatsby's house.

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12. " You live in West egg," she remarked contemptuously. " I know somebody there. "

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