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1. Three concepts are applied in the DAMo model.(1) Task type: Descriptions of task attributes and approach to implement it.(2) Task operations: Descriptions of the relationship in multi-tasks, including as insert, replace, link, unify and suspend.(3) Task channel: Descriptions of information transmission.

2. Although these four ditferent versions of Damo bao zhuan are have the same structure, they belong to different sects of folk religions such as Dacheng tianzhen yuandun school, Qinglian school, Bagua school and so on.

3. A large exceptionally well carved Huang-Yang (" boxwood ") sculpture of Damo seated in meditation on a rockwork base.

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4. The DAMO client will open and data will begin replicating from the Domino server mail file to the DAMO client.

5. How can users preserve their Exchange data for use in the DAMO client?

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6. But there is no record about the book before and during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) so experts think Damo has little to do with Shaolin Gongfu.

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7. The cave is now called Damo Cave.

8. The DAMO client offers users a more robust implementation of the Outlook calendar delegation feature.

9. For example, if you create a meeting entry in the DAMO client, a message is composed containing an Outlook data store.

10. For the purposes of illustration, we assume that you have Administrator access to the Domino server and will also be setting up a DAMO client.

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11. It will guide you through the steps of Microsoft Exchange migration and installation and configuration of the DAMO client with no previous knowledge required.

12. The DAMO client lets Outlook users in the organization continue using their client of choice, while Notes users can continue to use the same client.

13. Setting up and registering users as DAMO clients

14. The DAMO client enables you to use your mail client of choice

15. A large exceptionally well carved Huang-Yang (" boxwood ") sculpture of Damo seated in meditation on a rockwork base.

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